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What could be more South African than a pizza place started by two students from Maritzburg? They knew that in South Africa you either go big or you go home, so they invented the Triple-Decker® and the Crammed-Crust®. They knew that if they didn't deliver it hot and fresh, they'd be told off in 11 different languages. That's how the Hot or Not sticker came about. They knew what a nightmare Joburg traffic is, so they were the first to bring you free delivery and online ordering. And when they grew to 500 stores and 27.5 million pizzas a year, they knew it was time to give back. They started Doughnation, where leftover pizza dough is made into flat breads to feed millions more. Most of all, they knew their pizza had to be amazing. Because it was made for people just like them. Debonairs Pizza. Made for South Africa. So, try something unique. Try something tasty. Try something fresh. Try something amazing. Try Debonairs Pizza..


DEBONAIRS PIZZA FEEDS THROUGH DOUGHNATION There’s more to Debonairs Pizza than what’s in their pizza boxes. What if we told you, that just by ordering a Debonairs Pizza, you would be feeding people in need? At no additional cost to you! Just by making a simple choice, just by making a “Doughnation”. So how does it work? When we cut a pizza into shape there are small amounts of dough off-cuts. Through the Doughnation initiative, all the off-cuts of dough that remain after making our delicious pizza bases are collected and baked into flat loaf breads. These are then handed over to a local charity or organisation in the community that each restaurant operates in to truly make a difference in their everyday lives.

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